Is Indume Lifestyle related to Dev Darshan Dhoop?

Devdarshan Dhoop is a parent company of Indume Lifestyle. Being in the fragrances industry, Devdarshan is a leading producer of Dhoop, Agarbatti, Sambrani cups and more. Now from the makers of Devdarshan, Indume Lifestyle is a brand dealing in body and room fragrances. At Indume Lifestyle, you can explore a wide range of perfumes, attar oils, aroma oils and more. Get your hands on premium fragrances and buy the choicest fragrances.

2. Does perfume last longer on the skin or clothes?

This is a tricky question, and many people believe that fragrance tends to stay longer on clothes, while some say on the skin, it lasts longer. While everyone has their thoughts, applying it on the skin is the best option to make your perfume last longer. Your body makes the fragrance stay for a longer duration of time. Bonus point, if you have a high body heat, a stronger scent will project.

3. Does perfume expire?

Perfumes can be used for as long as you want. Remember, you do not need to throw your bottles away, believing it is expired. Perfumes never expire, and you can use the perfume for a long time. Therefore, your perfumes are always ready to use.

4. Should you rub perfume in?

While people are in the habit of applying perfume on their wrist and rubbing it with the other one, do you know this is not a way to use scents? Rubbing the perfume makes it bounce off quickly, and the notes smell effective. Therefore, if you want the exact long-lasting fragrance, never rub the perfume and apply it on your pulse points.

5. What is perfume oil?

This question lingers in many minds, but only a few people know about this. Perfume oils are more concentrated than perfume sprays and tend to have a longer fragrance effect. These are diluted with oils which do not have any scent of their own and have a solid fragrance to that of perfume sprays. If you are looking for oil-based fragrances, head to our attar oil section and explore the different fragrances.