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Product Specifications
Name: Flame Humidifier
Box Contains: 1 Humidifier, 1 USB Cable, One Manual
Model: LA-0609
Battery Capacity: 800 mAh
Water Tank Capacity: 260ml
Spray Volume: 30/40 ML/H
Size: 64 x 64 x 124 mm
Weight: 145g
Marketed by Devdarshan Overseas, 314, IA-II, Chandigarh

Non Returnable / Non-Replaceable Item
Our electronic products undergo thorough testing by professionals before they’re sent out, ensuring top-notch quality. Unfortunately, once purchased, our electronic items are non-returnable nor replaceable. However, rest assured, they’re checked for functionality before shipping.


Usage Instructions
• Turn the cap of the bottle with a counter potential needle.
• Add an appropriate amount of water to the tank
• Access Power Supply, Light press switch, product work


Operational Instructions
• Rotate counterclockwise, unscrew the upper cover, add water, and connect the power supply after the cotton swab completely absorbs the water.
• Press the hold key for 1.5 seconds to start the continuous spray mode, and the flame lamp and work indicator lamp are turned on at the same time. Briefly press the button once to start the intermittent spray mode (spray for 3 seconds and stop for 3 seconds), and the light remains unchanged. Short press the button again to turn off the machine (spray and all lights are turned off at the same time).
• In the startup state, long press the button for 1.5 seconds to turn on or off the flame lamp.
• In case of a continuous spray, it will automatically shut down for 4 hours (spray and all lights are off), and in case of intermittent spray, it will be automatically shut down for 6 hours (spray and all lights are off)
• When the voltage of the rechargeable battery is lower than 3.0V, it will automatically shut down.
• Charging model: the charging indicator is always on when charging, and the red light is off after charging.


Precautions and Troubleshooting 
• Please add water before using this product. Do not use the humidification function in case of water shortage.
• This product can add a small amount of flavor. Recommended watery aromatherapy water. Do not add oil essential oils so as to avoid the oil quality blocking the function of the atomizer.
• This product spray has an automatic power-off function. When the mode spray time has passed, the product will stop automatically. If you need to continue using it, please observe the water in the water tank first and press the function key again to start.
• When cleaning the product. please do not rinse directly with the faucet to avoid a short circuit of the product. It is recommended to wipe with a soft cotton cloth.
• This product cannot be used alone for children under 10 years of age.
• It is forbidden to use sharp objects to poke the mist outlet to avoid damaging the atomizing sheet and affect the mist output effect.